Nothing lasts forever, not even concrete. Over time, sidewalks become cracked. In addition, shifting soils and tree roots lower and lift sections of our walkways. Sometimes, poorly constructed pavements simply disintegrate. Whatever the case, when our sidewalks are damaged, replacing them becomes a priority. The following article discusses six steps that are essential for Tulsa sidewalk replacement.

Tulsa Sidewalk Replacement

Removing the Concrete – Of course, the old walkway must be broken into manageable pieces for removal. After, it is hauled away from the job site and disposed of in a landfill. A backhoe and a front-end loader make this job a lot easier.

Building a Form – When performing Tulsa sidewalk replacement, build your concrete form from four inch planks that are supported by wooden stakes pounded into the ground and nailed to the planks.

Laying the Base – First, remove soil to a depth of ten to twelve inches below the intended height of the new walkway. Then, add four inches of crushed rock and two inches of sand.

Packing the Base – The sand and gravel must be packed so that the concrete is fully and securely supported. Failing to pack the base will result in settling issues that invariably result in cracks.

Pouring Concrete – Now it is time to pour the concrete into the form. Following that, tamp the concrete to remove air bubbles and fill all voids.

Finishing Concrete – Use a trowel to smooth the surface. Then, make section joints and finish the surface with a broom. Finally, allow time for the concrete to set.

Tulsa sidewalk replacement can be a do-it-yourself job for the ambitious homeowner or you may want to call a professional Tulsa concrete contractor. In either case, nothing revitalizes the look of your landscape more than replacing worn out sidewalks with gleaming new walkways.

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