At Real Okie Concrete, we are passionate about concrete. As a top Tulsa concrete contractor, we place a high value on customer service. In order to serve you best, we listen carefully to what you want. Above all, we work hard to understand what our clients expect as a final product. In addition, our policy of going the extra mile ensures that our Tulsa concrete crew continues to exceed expectations. That’s because, our commitment to detail and the highest level of craftsmanship is second to none. We understand, our reputation as a top Tulsa concrete contractor relies solely upon customer satisfaction.

Concrete Has Staying Power

Concrete is a synonym for substance. Certainly, this is with good reason. By far, concrete outlasts tile, brick, and wood. For floor covering, it is considerably more durable than carpet. In addition, modern concrete can be more visually appealing too. Stamped concrete combines the maintenance free durability of concrete with the beauty of natural stonework.

Plain interiors are transformed into spectacular living spaces with decorative concrete and the finished product lasts for decades. Simple exteriors are made to be stunning with stamped concrete. Skilled concrete workers are modern artisans who create finished products that leave an impression on us all. Indoors or outdoors, they transform Tulsa living spaces into works of art; making them more attractive and more useful. Whatever you have seen, we can recreate it for you.

The Importance of Prep Work

There is nothing worse than contractors who do a bad job with good concrete. A top Tulsa concrete contractor knows, the best results come from careful planning. Also, proper preparation of the job site is essential for a high quality product. First, the site must be excavated. Then, it must be leveled. After that, the soil must be properly packed. Finally, sand and gravel should complete the base for proper drainage. Only after that are we ready to pour concrete.

As Tulsa’s leading concrete contractor, top quality concrete jobs are our business. Whether you need a driveway, building foundation, or a freestanding structure, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right every time.

Top Tulsa Concrete Contractor Services

  • Decks
  • Driveways
  • Foundations
  • Concrete Finishing
  • Concrete Form-Work
  • Decorative and Stamped Concrete
  • Concrete Reinforcement

Trust your project to a top Tulsa concrete contractor. From initial planning through the finished product, Real Okie Outdoor Living is always available for you. Contact Real Okie Concrete today for all of your masonry needs.