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From simple backyard patios to shopping center parkings lots, Real Okie Concrete provides quality concrete flatwork throughout Northeast Oklahoma.

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Driveways, Patios & Other Flatwork Concrete Projects

Residential Services

Concrete Flatwork

From the first step providing the quote to the final touches, Real Okie Concrete commits to answering your questions so your project is complete according to your needs and vision. Our concrete contractors work diligently to meet your expectations while delivering quality work on every job. Have a special concrete project not listed? Of course we can!


Driveway Approaches

Driveway Curbing

Patios & Patio Additions


RV Pads

Tear Out & Removal

Does Real Okie Have a Minimum Job Size?

We don’t have a set minimum job size. To cover the cost of our crew’s labor and time, a smaller job may have a minimum  labor cost. Many concrete companies and home contractors won’t offer a bid for smaller projects. While we may not be able to bring out a full crew for a bird bath pedastal, we don’t mind pouring a simple, small patio or sidewalk.

Are There Quality Standards For Concrete?

Certainly. Residential concrete must always comply with local building codes. Real Okie Concrete also ensures that every residential concrete projects complies with ACI concrete standards.

Can I Repair My Existing Concrete?

Maybe so. There are options avaialble for repairing existing concrete. You may also decide to save only a portion of existing concrete, saving money for more parking or patio space. Give us a call. We can help. 



Commercial Services

Where Competitive Bids & Quality Meet

For larger commercial jobs, it’s important to find a commercial concrete contractor able to accommodate both size and budget requirements. Give us a shot. We will work to deliver a commercial concrete solution that delivers for both quality and budget. Real Okie wants to be your commercial concrete contractor.

How Fast Can We Get a Bid?

We want to get to you as quickly as possible to produce our bid. The faster we get you a bid, the faster we can potentially get started on your concrete job. Give us a call and we’ll get out to you ASAP!

How is Concrete Measured & Priced?

Concrete prices are almost always quoted by the square foot. However, that price is a derivitive of the cubic yards needed to complete the job. Cubic yards are calculated by a length x length x depth method.

When we provide a full job quote, we consider concrete depth, tear-out factors, labor, steel usage and other factors. Real Okie always works to provide the best possible price without sacrificing quality.

Typical weight measurement (just for fun): one cubic yard of concrete typically weighs around 4000 pounds.

How Far Does Real Okie Travel?

We try to keep our service local within northeast Oklahoma. If we traveled too far outside of this boundary, we would have to give up the name  “REAL OKIE”. If you’re anywhere in NE Oklahoma and would like a great deal on your next concrete project, give the REAL okies a call!

Real Okie Concrete, Tulsa Concrete Company

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Our Tulsa concrete company only hires local and always works right here in Oklahoma. We're committed to you!

Often referred to as the "Tulsa Concrete Guys", you can depend on Real Okie Concrete for your next driveway, patio, sidewalk, parking lot or concrete slab.

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